Company Profile


NOVA Permits & Pilot Cars is dedicated to providing the best legalization services in the trucking industry. We always optimize our efforts to reflect the approach of our company, which is to constantly improve our customer service and our efficiency, to pursue research and development and to differentiate ourselves from the competition.


In 1992, NOVA Permits has emerged following the closure of one of the largest licensing offices in the Quebec City area. It was beneficial to the creation of a new company since several former employees were then recruited by Nova. The availability and experience of each of these employees were essential to the establishment and future success of NOVA.

In 1995, with routing and pilot cars in steady demand and to allow us to provide safe routes to accommodate the growing number of oversize loads in the trucking industry, NOVA Permits saw the urgent need of opening a new division to work hand-in-hand with the permitting department. NOVA then recruited and hired experienced and certified pilot car drivers and, finally, the new Pilot Cars division was born. As a result of this expansion, our company finally became NOVA Permits & Pilot Cars.

The year 1999 witnessed the creation of the ©5STAR permit processing software which was developed by our I.T. division, in close collaboration with our Permit agents. Our state-of-the-art system truly simplifies the entire permit ordering process while always keeping in mind the specific needs of our customers. In 2004, we created one of the greatest customer tools ever: the Permit Console!

In 2005, two NOVA employees, Louis Juneau and Monique Comeau, became the new owners of the company, bringing it towards a new direction as far as company mission and management.


In 2014, NOVA Permits & Pilot Cars employs more than 20 individuals at its Quebec City headquarters as well a few team members in teleworking. We are constantly investing ourselves to remain the top reference in our industry through the continuous training of our staff, by using the best computer equipment as well as by performing research, development and adaptation of information technologies. All this in order to maximize our efficiency to better serve our customers.