Permanent Licensing

Whether your truck is travelling in or out of your home jurisdiction, it is inevitable that some type of permit is required to make you "legal" to transport.  Our Permanent Licensing team has set companies up with all the necessary licenses, both U.S. and Canadian, from the ground up.  Their knowledge and expertise in getting your truck or your whole fleet legal is the advantage that keeps us one step ahead of the rest. Here are a few of the services provided by our Permanent Licensing Department:

Permanent Registration
• IFTA Registration & Stickers for QC
Fuel & Highway Use Tax Reporting
Unified Carrier Registration (UCR)
US DOT Registration
ICC Applications
QUEBEC - NEQ / NIR Registration
NEW MEXICO - Weight distance tax
IRS Reporting
Property Tax
Resident Agent Services

Our service fees are quite competitive.  If you are shopping for a company that will provide you with the most informative and complete permanent licensing services, you can reach our agents by email to