Permanent Licensing

When traveling through all of the United States and Canada, it is important to be legally covered at the federal level, but also at the state and provincial level as well. Some of them have extra registration requirements that have to be respected in order to legally travel through those jurisdictions. NOVA Permits can help you make sure you are covered everywhere at every level.

Below is a list of the services we offer, for your company and your whole fleet;

Motor Carrier Registration (MC/ICC)

UCR (Unified Carrier Registration Agreement)

HUT (Heavy Highway Vehicul Use Tax Return)

FID (Federal Employee Identification Number)

Transponder (User Fee for Border Crossing)

SCAC (Carrier Code PAPS)

PARS (Carrier Code)

KYU (Kentucky weight distance tax)

KY Bond

AR (Annual mileage report)


OR Weight Distance Receipt

Fuel Tax Reports

Quebec Resident Agent (Power Attorney)

Quebec Fuel Decal (IFTA sticker)

Fuel Tax Reports

Ontario CVOR

NIR (Quebec Safety Rating)


NEQ Accelerated Services

NEQ Annual fee