IRP Trip and IFTA Fuel permits

If your company is not registered under IRP (International Registration Plan) or under IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement), you might need to obtain trip and/or fuel permits if you travel outside of your registered State or Province

Here are the rules that will determine if a trip and fuel permit is needed:
  • Power unit having two (2) axles and a gross vehicle weight or registered gross vehicle weight in excess of 26, 000 pounds (11 794 kgs); or
  • Power unit having three (3) or more axles, regardless of weight; or
  • Used in combination of two vehicles (2) when the weight of such combination exceeds 26 000 pounds (11 794 kgs) gross vehicle weight.

Oversize and/or Overweight permits

If your overall dimensions (power unit, trailer, load) exceed the following legal dimensions, you will be required to obtain a special hauling permit in most states and provinces:

  • Width: 8 feet 6 inches (2.6 meters)
  • Length: 65 feet (20.7 meters) - (may vary depending on the State/Province)
  • Height: 13 feet 6 inches (4.15 meters)
  • Weight: 80 000 pounds (36 290 kgs)
Our permit agents will take the time to analyze your information and determine the most cost-effective, safe and efficient route for your trip. Permit costs, curfews, pilot car requirements and temporary/permanent restrictions will be taken into consideration to make sure this trip is the best way to go about it for you. Local/county permits will be obtained if necessary as well!

Superload permits

Loads and equipment requested to be carried get larger and larger every day. Planning and execution of a superload requires a much deeper analysis, dedicated time and extensive knowledge of what is required. This is where NOVA Permits can come in and lighten the task for you. From beginning to end, we take into consideration any factors that can come into play;

  • Turnaround time from each State or Provincial for permits needed
  • Collaboration between each stakeholder involved in permitting and moving process
  • Costs
  • Time Frame (take into consideration holidays, seasonal restrictions, weather)
  • Route Surveys
  • Pilot Cars
  • Equipment to be used (if valid through all States and Provinces needed)
  • Local/county approval and requirements
  • Utilities to be contacted and on site (Rail, Cable, Hydro, etc.)
  • Police escort and requirements
  • Traffic control
  • Barge/ferry/bridges approval and requirements

All these factors are crucial in the planning of a Superload move and have to be considered and reviewed in the planning phase of the permit process. Make sure to contact us so we can help you make sure your load is a success from the moment you quote it to when it is delivered!

Annual permits

Fortunately, the majority of State and Province DOTs as well as local authorities offer the trucking industry the possibility of purchasing year-round or monthly permits to reduce costs and the need to order single trip permits for every oversize/overweight move you do on a daily basis.

NOVA Permits can obtain these permits for you and make sure that these permits are right for your operations and are worth purchasing.

Additionally, NOVA keeps track of all active annual permits for all our customers, so when permits are nearing their expiration date, we will remind you and offer to renew the permit so you’re sure to not be left stranded without a valid and active permit!

County and Local Permits

Along with State and Provincial permits, City or County permits are often required, especially when traveling off of state maintained highways.

NOVA Permits has extensive knowledge and established relationships with many of these entities throughout the United States and Canada.

So when ordering permits with NOVA or if you are not sure if local permits are required (even though you may have an annual permit for the state/provincial maintained routes), we can take care of obtaining these permits for you as well.