Route Survey

When your overall dimensions exceed certain dimensions, route surveys may be required depending on States/Provinces requirements.

Because NOVA Permits has access to thousands of pilot car drivers across North America, we can provide your company with the required surveys.

We will make sure the best suitable route is verified and is also valid with the adjoining jurisdictions.

A professional survey requires that we take into consideration:

  • Dimensions of the load and dimensions overall once loaded
  • Shape and weight distribution of the load
  • Trailer and Load Ground Clearance
  • Any wires, bridge structures, obstacles
  • Equipment used
  • Turning radius considering load and equipment used
  • Utility companies to contact
  • Pictures and videos provided if required/when deemed necessary
  • Any other information pertinent to the issuance of the permit or operations to be done during the move.

All these factors are crucial when performing a quality route survey that assures safe passage for the oversized load.