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 In the transportation industry, regulations and compliance matters can be a major headache. In addition, managing to acquire an immediate response to your trucking permit questions often becomes a challenging task.  However, a subscription to our online STATE/PROVINCE INFO GUIDE will give you immediate access to our most coveted customer tool, and you don't have to order your permits with us to use it! For as little as $16 a month, your subscription to this invaluable guide will instantly provide you with a wealth of information necessary to conduct your business efficiently. This guide is the main reference tool that the NOVA Permit Specialist agents utilize on a daily basis. It provides valuable and current information on numerous subjects from permit costs, legal & OS/OW dimensions, pilot car requirements, holiday closures and travel restrictions, warning signs and lights, current restriction map reports and, authority exemptions and rules of circulation for each American state and Canadian province.  Furthermore, this online guide is updated on a regular basis to ensure that it offers the latest amendments to laws and regulations as established by government authorities.

See a sample of the Guide pages for Saskatchewan, Colorado and Quebec below.

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