NOVA Permits & Pilot Cars is the one-stop location where you can obtain all U.S. and Canadian temporary trucking permits, as well as permanent licensing , pilot car , fuel card/management services efficiently and cost-effectively. NOVA assists customers like you every day to deal with legalization issues. Our relationship with our clients is a partnership in which we bring our experience, knowledge and expertise to meet their expectations. This is why we are renowned to be amongst the very best in the industry and our customer service is rated as unparalleled. .

Temporary Permits

   Trip and Fuel Permits IRP-IFTA

   Oversize and Overweight Permits

   Superload Permits

   County and Local Permits

   Annual Permits

We supply ALL American and Canadian temporary permits to hundreds of carriers every day!


We make sure to carefully analyze your needs and provide you with the best permit solutions your trips require! Our Permit Agents and Technicians will make sure your loads get to destination safely, which is always the main priority!

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Permanent Licensing



   Fuel Tax Reports

   NEQ / NIR / QC Resident Agent


Whether your truck is travelling inside or outside of your home jurisdiction, it is inevitable that some sort of compliance requirements must be met.


Our Permanent Licensing team will make sure to study your company’s operating needs, and make sure to that you are legal 100% of the way!

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Pilot Cars

   Regular Pilot Cars

   Pole Cars

   Arrow Cars


   Route Surveys

NOVA Pilot Cars is an essential complement that works close with the Permit Division to make sure your trips are routed as safely, effectively and economically as possible.


We have available pilot cars to cover your loads all over North America, and we can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to make sure you are not left stranded without the proper escort on site with your load!

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Fuel Card

   One Single Card

   Fuel Transactions

   For Repairs

   For Cash Advances

   Account Access for Reporting

NOVA is pleased to offer its customers with this key service required by all in the trucking industry, a preferred solution to lower fuel costs.


In conjunction with Transnet Canada, NOVA fuel card allows you to manage your fleet with online access to account maintenance and reporting capabilities. The NOVA/Transnet card is the clear choice for the trucking industry.

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State/Province Info Guide (SPIG)

   Permit Cost

   Number of days permit is valid for

   Legal dimensions (without need of permit)

   Rules of Circulation (includes curfews, equipment required)

   Pilot Car Requirements

   Maximum dimensions and weights on regular OS/OW Permits

   Superload Permit Information

In the transportation industry, regulations and compliance matters can be hard to follow.

However, a subscription to our online STATE/PROVINCE INFO GUIDE will give you immediate access to our most coveted customer tool, containing information on EACH States & Provinces rules & regulations.

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Order with the Permit Console

For those with a NOVA customer account, the Permit Console is an option that is quite easy and simple to use. It also ensures a better processing time for permits since the data is already entered in our systems. If you are interested in using our Permit Console, please contact us at and we can provide you with a user name and password, as well as give you a quick training over the phone to get you started.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about our tools