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In the trucking industry since 2007 brand
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About us

Our mission

Our mission is to provide peace of mind to our colleagues in the trucking industry by providing the most reliable and comprehensive transportation permit and road escort service on the market. We will do it as if it were our own trucks because we understand the requirements of road transport. Our president managed a fleet for 25 years! Through our clear vision, our innovation in motion, our infinite knowledge, our keen eye for details, our concrete commitment and our sincere business relationships, we want to help our teammates, our customers and our suppliers to succeed a little more every day . We believe in everyone's success and we know that it will be difficult at times. We will work hard every day to achieve success and will be proud and grateful to share it with those who, like us, strive for excellence and safety on our roads.

Our values


We are part of a Team. Our suppliers. Our colleagues. Our customers count on us and we can count on them. We work together for the same goal: the safety and success of all. We share the trials as well as the successes.


We commit ourselves. Our customers, our colleagues, our collaborators trust us. We are committed to being there. To answer present. To assume our responsibilities. We don't leave anything to chance. We are committed to delivering what is expected of us.


We believe in excellence and will always push that finish line further to keep us moving forward. Every day we learn, we improve our methods, we become better people. We are not yet perfect, but every day we offer our teammates and partners the best of ourselves. And that is only possible by aiming for excellence.


A little history

1992 marks the starting point of NOVA. The company was founded by Mr. Normand Patry following the reorganization of another existing company, Quebec Transit.

In 2005, Ms. Monique Comeau and Mr. Louis Juneau acquired NOVA. What followed were 2 decades of development and great performance throughout Quebec, Canada and even the United States.

In order to better serve the American market, Ms. Comeau and Mr. Juneau decided in 2007 to start AXYS Permits Inc. Even today, Axys Permits is enjoying great success throughout North America from its head office located in Florida and collaborates in synergy with Nova permits and road escorts.

In 2019, a partnership was born between the renowned company ProMiles Software Development Company (PSDC), NOVA and AXYS to develop software, Permit Manager. This powerful platform automates many of the functions included in the North American transportation compliance process. The software allows, among other things, to be efficient in terms of quotes, obtaining various transport permits, assigning road and police escorts and many other functions.

In 2023, Ms. Comeau and Mr. Juneau decided it was time to hand over the reigns to the next generation of managers. It was therefore on September 1, 2023 that Mr. Stéphane Labillois, an experienced manager in transport and logistics, became the main shareholder and president of the two companies. Christopher Alain, then director of operations and an employee of NOVA for 18 years, also joined as a new shareholder of the group.

Today, Nova permits and road escorts, in synergy with Axys permits in the United States, continues to offer the best possible solutions to the trucking industry in addition to experiencing good growth.

All this thanks to a solid team of more than 50 competent people dedicated to the success of the team and its customers!

Our team

Meet the management

Christopher Alain
Christopher Alain
Vice-President Operations

Nova has the privilege of having teammates and collaborators in the 4 corners of the continent.

From British Columbia to New Brunswick via Texas, Tennessee or Ontario, our multidisciplinary team is located in more than 40 different cities in North America and across 3 time zones.

We know the United States and Canada from north to south and east to west.

We will be happy to discuss with you and entrust your project to a specialist who knows your reality. Contact us!