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Oversize Permits

Depending on the configuration of the load, you may need one or more permit, flashing lights, specific signs or even use a specific route. Each jurisdiction has its own requirements. We are familiar with each of these requirements and can quickly obtain all required permits. Your customer is waiting for delivery. Don't disappoint him. Contact us to make sure everything goes smoothly!

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Overweight Permits

An overweight truck without the required permits or passing over a structure that does not have the required capacity can ruin your efforts, immobilize your vehicle and leave your customer without their cargo. We know all the load constraints and how to obtain permits and route layouts to get you to your destination with confidence. All you have to do is contact us!

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International Border Crossing
Trip And Fuel Permits And Permanent Licencing

Driving a truck or commercial vehicle in North America can be quite a challenge. Each country has its own requirements and each state and province have their own as well. Each State, Province City or County has its own requirements making it quickly complicated. One missing document can leave your truck at a checkpoint for days. Our team will ensure you have all the required permits to operate in the territory you intend to. Our Team can work with you to ensure that you have all the required permits to operate in the territory you want. Here are some examples of permits you may need....

Canada USA
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Route Planning

Do you have an unusual load to move and you don't know the right route to use? We will route it for you. With over 30 years of accumulated information on all North American roads and highways for width, height, construction, physical constraints and structure limitations. We have the knowledge and expertise to get you where you want to go. Call our specialists to plan your next route. You will save time, money and be able to leave with confidence.

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Route Survey

Sometimes a load exceeds anything that has been done before on a particular route. We call them “superloads”. Our Team love these kinds of challenges. We ensure everything will go as planned. We have access to experienced teams of Pilot cars and Surveyors that go on-site to survey constraining structures, measurements, collaborate with public services and capture images to safely analyze whether your load can take the route. So together we can provide all the information required by your client or by the local authorities. Contact us and we will see together how to carry out your analysis in the field at the best possible cost. This will give you peace of mind.

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Budget Analysis For Transport Projects

Are you planning to move an oversized load and need to prepare a budget? We can estimate for you the costs of permits and what it will take to comply with the legal side of your project. You will thus be able to offer a precise price to your client and obtain the mandate at a fair price which will allow you a fair profitability.

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Canada-USA Escort Vehicles

Fundamental elements in the safety of many non-standard transports, pilot cars must be present and compliant where they are expected. The smooth running of the entire project depends on it. We can support you at this level with our own fleet in Eastern Canada or provide you with excellent service thanks to our hundreds of employees specializing in road escorts across North America. No matter the destination, we take care of all pilot cars so you can take care of your cargo. Call us and we will work together to impress your client!

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Signaling vehicle

For a last minute emergency, a well-planned major activity, we have a fleet of vehicles equipped to provide road signs and help you manage a particular situation. This service is only available in Quebec in the Montreal - Dégelis corridor.

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Consultant describes marketing plan

In business, we often say that it is not what we know that is important, but who we know. Get to know us. We are here to help you. The trucking industry is full of challenges and it is increasingly difficult to master all the topics to be successful in this changing world. At NOVA, we are fortunate to have strong leadership and a multidisciplinary team with over 300 years of experience in logistics, trucking, transportation law, accounting, pricing, permits, etc.

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AI in logistics

Securing loads. New laws in effect. Road safety. Defensive driving. Compliance management. Escort vehicle operation. We cover all these topics and many more through our in-house specialists and our extensive network of collaborators in the trucking industry.

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Transport Law

Our industry must consider complex legislation that varies from one jurisdiction to another. Sometimes the amount involved can be substantial. network of professionals. Whether you're a proactive manager or need to resolve a costly unforeseen issue, the advice of a lawyer specialized in transport law may be required. We collaborate with the most renowned lawyers in Canada and the United States. At NOVA, we aim to work with the best to make our industry better and safer. Contact us, and we'll be happy to connect you with our networks of professionals.

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